Which EV charger is right for me?

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So you’ve signed up for the electric vehicle revolution, and your brand new EV is on the way – exciting! However, charging an EV isn’t as simple as charging your phone: to get the most out of your EV, you need a specialist home charger which will charge your EV significantly faster than a standard mains connection.

There is an increasingly large range of charger brands available – but which one is best for your needs? Here’s our rundown of the leading options. 


Evnex is a New Zealand manufacturer and installer of smart electric vehicle chargers. Its E2 charger is ideal for home use, and it has a wide range of commercial solutions available for different types and sizes of organisation. Key features of the E2 include:

  • Choice of 7.4kw single phase (up to 40km of range per hour) or 22kw three phase chargers available (up to 40km of range per hour)
  • Active monitoring of your home’s energy use so you can safely use other power hungry appliances at home while optimising your charging speed.
  • Local load management for balancing multiple chargers
  • Accurately tracks your charging emissions and gives you insights to help charge from cleaner electricity.
  • Options to Charge from 100% solar, or Prioritise solar & only top up from the grid when needed. 
  • Tracks your solar charging activity and cost savings.
  • Compatible with all plug-in EVs – just select the correct plug type, or select a socket EV charger if you require plug flexibility


Wallbox’s range of electric vehicle charging solutions provides fast, connected and intelligent charging solutions for home users and all types of commercial premises. Wallbox charger features include: 

  • Charging capacity of up to 22 kW 
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity​​ for scheduled charging and real-time data tracking 
  • Power-sharing to enable charging of multiple vehicles by distributing the available power evenly among all connected charging points.
  • DC Leakage detection triggers an error when leakage current is detected
  • Off-peak charging suggestions and scheduling 
  • Eco-Smart functionality uses the surplus energy from your building’s solar panels to avoid high grid energy prices. Choose between two modes: charge with 100% solar energy or a mix of solar and grid energy.
  • Power Boost measures how much electricity you use and gives the rest to your car – automatically adjusting the power and providing you with the best possible charging experience.
  • RFID compatibility restricts charging to selected people (certain models only)
  • Remote control via app and voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Type 1 or Type 2 cable to charge any EV

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s EVLink home chargers are a reliable, simple option for home charging. 

  • Charging capacity up to 7.4kW single phase or 11kW three phase
  • Compatible with most EVs 
  • Built-in power load management to manage available power efficiently.
  • Includes anti-tripping system to guarantee uninterrupted power supply in the home.
  • Options for connectivity to Wiser Smart Home Systems to automate charging sequences in line with renewable energy availability.
  • Tethered or untethered options for increased choice.
  • Best-in-class leading local support from a global market leader.


Tesla’s Wall Connector EV chargers provide a convenient and fast home charging solution for Tesla EVs. Tesla Wall Connector features include:

  • 11 kW charger provides up to 75km of range per hour of charging for Tesla vehicles (Gen 3 Wall Connector) 
  • Wi-fi connectivity​​ for over-the-air updates, remote diagnostics and access controls 
  • Scheduled charging and data tracking through the Tesla app
  • Power-sharing to maximise existing electrical capacity, automatically distributing power and allowing you to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously.
  • Compatible with most electric vehicles including Tesla vehicles and non-Tesla electric vehicles.

Still not sure which one to choose? Saints Electrical are the St George region’s EV charging experts. We’ll get your EV charger set up quickly and efficiently – including free home assessment, charger supply, any necessary home upgrades, integration with your solar panels, and helping you manage your charger so you can drive away for less outlay. To book your free consultation, contact us today

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