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5 Tips to Keep Your Washing Machine in Tip Top Condition

If your washing machine has ever been out of action, even for just a day, you know just how inconvenient it is! Let’s be honest, there’s never a good time for these appliances to break down, and in our experience, a vast number of the washing machine repairs in Sydney we come across could be avoided. Here are some simple tips to help ensure your washing machine is at its best!


All too often we’re called to washing machine repairs in Sydney where the breakdown is caused by a rogue coin, a wayward safety pin, or a small pebble or stone (thanks kids) that have fallen out of someone’s pockets. It’s especially prevalent in tradies’ homes where work pants become a haven for screws, nuts, bolts, and all manner of bits and pieces (heck, even I’ve been guilty of this at times). These items can cause blockages in pumps, motors, and hoses, or can tear through seals and cause leaks. Checking your pockets is the easiest way to keep your washing machine in great shape!

2. Go Easy on the Suds!

We’re all guilty of it: we think more detergent means more suds, which means cleaner clothes. WRONG! Excess detergent can build up inside your machine, getting into lots of different nooks and crannies. It can cause blockages to some of the various pipes and hoses inside your machine, and if left too long can start to smell and stain your clothes. We recommend you always use the prescribed amount of detergent (as well as fabric softener and stain remover sprays and powders). Check the prescribed amount on the side of the box or bottle, or refer to your machine’s user manual. If in doubt, always remember: less is more!

3. Bag it Up!

Another major cause of blockages we commonly find is from stray socks, bra wires and other small delicate items. Just like a wayward coin or paperclip, these items often find their way to places they don’t need to be, and can cause a whole lot of damage along the way! This can easily be avoided by using a wash bag. These small mesh bags are available from the supermarket, and not only protect delicate items from the perils of going through the wash, but also help to keep those small items in the drum where they belong! A small investment ($8 for a pack of 3 at Woolies) can save you hundreds of dollars down the track!

4. Check your filter.

Most front load washing machines (as well as some top loaders) have a filter at the front that should be checked and cleaned regularly. We find a lot of washing machine problems are due to a build up of foreign objects inside the filter, preventing the pump from working, and blocking wastewater from escaping. Some of them are due to just one large object impeding the flow, however most blockages are the result of a build up of foreign objects over time. Checking and clearing your filter regularly will prevent these build ups from occurring, which in turn stops parts from burning out, and keeps your washing machine doing what it does best!

5. Some Like it Hot!

Most people tend to only use cold water for their washing machines. In fact, some newer machines don’t even have an option for hot water, and simply heat water as they need to using a heating element inside the machine. Using cold water is more economical and environmentally friendly than using warm or hot water in your wash. That said, sometimes it’s a great idea to run a cycle using hot water to clean your machine. Running a full cycle using warm or hot water while the machine is empty will help to dissolve any build ups of grime or grease, keeping your machine fresh and hygienic, and free of bad smells. You can also purchase washing machine cleaners from the supermarket for that little extra razzle dazzle!

6. BONUS TIP! Drop us a line!

If you need washing machine repairs in Sydney or you’d simply like some more advice on how to keep your washing machine running at its best, get in touch! We’re here to help!

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