4 reasons why EV chargers are good for business

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Whether you’re looking at installing EV chargers in your office car park or adding one to your customer-facing business, EV chargers make good business sense. For a relatively small initial outlay, there are many benefits for your business – both direct and indirect. 

In this article, we’ll look at the top four reasons you should install one or more EV chargers in your business. 

  1. It’s a great staff perk

Most non-customer-facing businesses (such as offices, industrial and commercial workplaces, and so on) install EV chargers as an employee benefit. Indeed, EV charging can be valuable as part of a hiring and retention strategy – attracting new talent and improving current employee engagement (with commensurate improvements in productivity). The Center for Sustainable Energy in the US also suggests that free or low-cost EV charging could also help attract remote employees back to the office. 

  1. It’ll help achieve your environmental goals

Most businesses – large and small – have some kind of corporate social responsibility or sustainability plan, goals and KPIs. Installing EV chargers is a great way to work towards achieving these. Indeed, the US Department of Energy found that employees with access to workplace charging were more likely to drive an EV – suggesting that the sheer presence of an EV charger at work made employees more likely to invest in one than a conventional petrol vehicle. Installing EV chargers doesn’t just help you achieve your sustainability KPIs – it can actually result in real social change.

  1. EV chargers attract customers to your business

On the customer-facing side of things, one or more EV chargers can be a real boost to your business. With the national public EV charger still ‘under construction’, adding an EV charger to your business (and listing it on EV charger location apps like Plugshare) can turn your business into a destination location for EV drivers. In addition, those new customers are likely to be relatively affluent; they’ll also spend longer in your business while their vehicle charges, increasing the chance of larger sales. We think it’s a great idea for hospitality and retail businesses in particular.

  1. You can make money from it

Last but not least, EV chargers can also provide an income stream for your business. Several EV charger brands, such as Wallbox, provide functionality that allows you to charge a fee for customers and employees who need to charge their EVs. This means you can quickly recover the installation costs of your EV charger – then EV charging can become an income stream in its own right. Considering installing EV chargers in your business? The installation process can be more complex than a residential installation, so it’s a good job that Saints Electrical are the St George region’s EV charging experts. We’ll get your EV chargers set up quickly and efficiently – including initial load studies, system design, charger supply, any necessary infrastructures upgrades, and charger setup To book your free consultation, contact us today.

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